Timmy's Island: A Short Story

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It was a crisp morning on Newport Island, or Timmy’s Island as Timmy liked to think of it. Timmy Newport was chasing Dexter, the Newport family’s Golden Labrador, around the island. Dexter was turning 3 years old tomorrow, but the Newport family had owned him for about two and a half years. Timmy’s dad, Scott Newport, had found Dexter in the market one day in Miami. Miami was on the coast of Florida and was an hour-long boat trip, there and back. Even though Miami was only about four miles away from Newport Island, Mr. Newport was a good rower and could get there in about 30 minutes when he rowed. Mr. Newport had to go to Miami Mondays through Fridays for work. Scott Newport was a fisherman who caught fish with his Timmy every morning. He didn’t…show more content…
Newport had expected which meant that he could now see Newport Island. “Where have you been”, Mrs. Newport asked. “It’s a long story”, said Mr. Newport. “Well tell us”, said Marcia, Timmy, and Lydia in unison. By the time that Mr. Newport, had told all about forgetting so many things to the new leash to talking about Jacob and was finished it was time for everyone to go to bed. The next morning Dexter put on his new leash and watched as the Newport family ate his cake. He obviously didn’t eat the cake but he had his nutritional dog food. When he put on his leash the family was surprised that it was blue. “You told us it was red, like always”, Timmy annoyingly said. This Mr. Newport had lied about when he was telling his story because he wanted to see the family’s shock on the day that Dexter would put it on. To make sure the plan would succeed he also took off the collar right before he and Dexter had reached the island and put it under his bed. The rest of the day was amazing because Timmy and Lydia behaved when they were playing with Dexter. This made Dexter have the most preeminent birthday than anyone he had ever had. Because Lydia and Timmy were behaving Mr. and Mrs. Newport had a tranquil
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