Summer Day Descriptive Writing

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It was a gorgeous summer day. the sun was shining, the birds were singing, and the world was at peace on the seemingly carefree sunday afternoon. church had just ended and the children ran fast and free ready to play. They ran two and twelve towards the town’s lake to go swimming, in order to ward off the heat of the noon sun. They stampeded through town bumping over numerous people and even one another to reach the cool blue waves. The menacing multitude took a sharp turn from the street to an old dusty road. The trees shook in the evening breeze and swayed slightly further when the children hurried by. Dust faintly clouded out the light that poured over the path. Finally they reached the dock and began to take off and swap clothes. The boys took off their shirts and pants and swam in their underwear, while the girls chose to go behind some nearby bushes.and exchange out their attire. When everyone was in they started to splash one another while laughing and shouting. A few of them dived under the water to search for fish and other sea life. When they came back, up two of them had seaweed, one held a starfish, and two others had a crab holding it by both sides. It was getting a little later in the day, but the kids were not quite yet ready to leave their fun to rest. They decided to play hide and seek even though the sun was beginning to make its descent behind the green curtains that were the distant hills. One child counted while everyone hid and waited. As he counted out
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