Ting´s Test: A Short Story Essay

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Our story begins with the beautiful musical sounds of the world driven from their instruments by the onset of a mechanical age no-one predicted, nor expected. An awful time when rough toned noise crept remorselessly through every doorway, every window, polluting every passageway and quiet place until silence abandoned the people to their plight and was gone.

With the passing of ages into centuries the population of Middleseton dwindled. Some, a handful at most had seen remnants of books, torn pages alive with mute pictures of dancers pirouetting to something unimaginable.

And even now, when all was nearly over they continued to dream, to believe in music. A dream no-one had ever heard.

Ting is a small sound, a sound hardly used. In the …show more content…

Without them Middleseton as a town, as an entity had no claim to its place on the map.

When all was finally lost, the musical Sounds abandoned their daily practice, rehearsals and performances, slipping away from their instruments not knowing when the world would hear their music again.

No more vibrating with strings or disturbing the air through holes drilled in pipes. No Sounds sang children to sleep, nor lead them marching through life's tapestry, clapping in time to their favourite tune, happy or sad.

Ting was struggling, his natural instincts for survival were fading, he was losing the resolve to fight on. An overwhelming feeling to sit on the ground, to wait for the last chord to sound was getting harder to resist.

Weighed down with angry emotions and unthinkable thoughts Ting, not looking where he was going stumbled down into a dark cavernous hole; a protected place shrouded in darkness where neither noise, nor rain was welcome.

Ting scrambled to his feet. "Where am I?"

A small glimmer of light, barely shining through the gloom brought a little comfort to Ting. It was a faint glow of hope that crept in with Ting, when inadvertently he dislodging a flagstone with the palms of his hands and fell forward.

A rough edged tunnel snapped open. Ting tried to regain his balance, instead, he tumbled down a long, stone stairway coming to rest in a dark place where he peered with wide open eyes but saw

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