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Analysis of a Titleist Irons Advertisement There are so many companies that boast that they have the best irons and longest driver in golf, but Titleist has associated themselves as the elite golf club manufacturer. Known mostly for golf balls, Titleist has come a long way with their exceptional feel and great looks to improve the games of every golfer. Titleist ran a print advertisement in the April 2010 Golf Digest magazine displaying advanced performance in their clubs. The tagline reads, “Improvements You Can Feel” (16-17). The Titleist AP1 & AP2 irons are the products being sold in this ad. When people think of golf, Nike or Callaway is normally what comes to mind, but Titleist is known for their performance in the clutch. The…show more content…
It establishes logos by showing that serious golfers can turn into PGA Tour players with these irons… not exactly, but it can be done. According to Psychologist Jib Fowles, author of “Advertising’s Fifteen Basic Appeals,” this advertisement demonstrates the need to achieve, dominate, and attract attention (421-423). The need to achieve relates directly to the headline of the ad, “Improvements You Can Feel. Advanced Performance” (16-17). In the ad, Titleist wants people to feel dominant with these irons and destroy the golf course because of all the improved technology packed into such a small club head. Everyone wants to feel the need for attention and Titleist does just this. Possessing these irons means that golfers want the biggest and best clubs out on the market with the latest design. The type of headline used in this Titleist golf ad according to Bovée and others, authors of the article “Making the Pitch in Print Advertising,” is a slogan/logo headline (433). The combined headline gives the reader two reasons to buy, one for the “Advanced Performance” and “Improvements You Can Feel.” This is the only club in which golfers get both for greater impact and playability. The ad also conveys a picture-and-caption copy that relies on the photographs to tell the story. Below the photo is a club shown piece by piece, it lists all the details and selling points that make the reader take action. The use of black and white dominates,
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