To Cheat Is To “Gain An Advantage Over Or Deprive Of Something

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To cheat is to “gain an advantage over or deprive of something by using unfair or deceitful methods”(Simpson). This definition defines the actions of an experienced engineer named James Liang. His company of employment, Volkswagen, asked him and his team to make a new diesel engine that would sell well in America. Unfortunately, they ran into issues of making a design that would stay under U.S. emission standards. Under tight secrecy, Mr. Liang was looking to gain an advantage in working around the issue. They were able to make a device that they could hide and connect to the engine. The programming on the device hid the emissions of their diesel engines while on the testing apparatus, but then turn off after the tests were complete.…show more content…
Kant views a maxim as a rule of action that should be acted upon only if you have the will he defines. It is the maxim that defines our choices. The maxim connects with the categorical imperative, which Kant presses is our duty to do what is right no matter what we feel. Hence, the categorical imperative embodies what our will should be. A different view to Kant’s theory is the concept of rule utilitarianism. A rule utilitarian believes that everyone should follow the rules, but should only embrace certain rules that bring out the greatest good or consequence. The Opposite of Kant, who rationalizes that we should follow our moral duty no matter the personal outcome. Yet, following our duty does not always mean to follow the rules and vice versa. The defining idea between the two is whether our consequences or intentions actually matter, which can help justify or disclose Liang’s decisions. Using Kant’s theory of ethics to evaluate Liang’s decisions aids in explaining responsibility in this dilemma. According to the United States Department of Justice, “Liang admitted that he helped his co-conspirators continue to lie to the EPA, CARB and VW customers even after the regulatory agencies started raising questions about the vehicles’ on-road performance following an independent study commissioned by the International Council on Clean Transportation”. What created Liang’s motive or maxim to continue lying? An

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