To Kill A Mockingbird Analysis

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With Time Comes Wisdom
Scout is the character that has one of the most interesting personality in To Kill A Mockingbird, by Harper Lee because she is curious, has good comprehension and is open-minded. Scout who is the main character in To Kill A Mockingbird lives in a time and place where racism is a heavy part of society. A time where people looked at African Americans and automatically establish them as a white women rapist and a lesser person than the whites. This racial inequality also transfers to the courtroom where legal matters are attended to which, can cause unfair trials. This description describes Maycomb, Scout’s hometown, word for word, as a local trial where an African American by the name Tom Robinson life is on the line and unfortunately the jury is the people of Maycomb. When Scout gets involved it causes her to change her perspective of the world. So in general, Scout is Curious, Open-Minded and has a good comprehension that develops through To Kill A Mockingbird.
Scout is very curious about the world she lives in and is not afraid to ask questions when there is something she does not understand or wants to know better. An example of this is when Calpurnia takes Scout to her church “I wanted to stay and explore, but Calpurnia propelled me up the aisle ahead of her... I was bursting with questions but decided I would wait and let Calpurnia answer them” (Lee 72). She could not wait to get answers to her questions because she is eager to learn about African
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