To Kill A Mockingbird Message Essay

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TKAM In the book To Kill a Mockingbird, Harper Lee, has created a complex story about racism, prejudice and family. Many have argued about the main, underlying message,but the message that resonates with me is about the necessity of character development and change influenced by society. Harper Lee shows us this through the eyes of a young girl who doesn't know much about the world and her views are ever changing. The author’s message is delivered to us through a mixture symbols, metaphors and a wide array of diction. At the start of the book the protagonist, Scout, is innocent and naive. She is not old enough to go to school and so her social interaction where limited “within the calling distance of Calpurnia (7).” This is a major impediment …show more content…

Atticus, Scout’s father became a man that is considered as a role model, is shown as a moral and just citizen, who is even now quotes by the leader of the free-world, Pres. Obama. But Atticus has fatal mistake in his character, he is too righteous, and thinks people are good from the beginning. This mistake almost leads to the murder of his children. But at the very end of the book is seems as if Atticus understands him mistake and finally gives in. For the greater good he steps down from his moral high grounds and accepts the lie of “Mr. Ewell [falling] on his knife (371).” This is a lie but it is a lie that will save Boo Radley from a lot of unwanted attention. The only reason Atticus still has children at the end of the story is because of the coincides that Boo Radley was also protecting the children that one night. If Boo Radley hadn't been there Atticus’s kindness would have killed his children. Harper Lee here shows that change may be good but not adapting and change can be fatal. Harper Lee re-enforces this theme with two other example. Mr.Cunningham who is comes one night to kill Tom Robinson changes his minds and goes away. Harper Lee makes it look like this saved Tom’s life. But she later reveals that Mr. Underwood was standing out of his balconing with a shotgun and would have mowed Mr. Cunningham down if he did not change his mind. The next example is …show more content…

Harper Lee demonstrates how change is in the right direction is good but even more, it is vital for survival.People might just think that this is just a fictional story that has no real meaning in life, whose anecdotes are made up. But what they forget is that Maycomb might be a fictional name but, Morinville, the town Harper Lee grew up in has a striking resemblance to Maycomb and Scout finch might just as well be another name for “Harper

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