To Kill a Mockingbird Chapter Summaries 1-14

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Chapter 1: * Ancestors came here by river * Each generation after the first of Simon lived and grew cotton with black slaves until the father Atticus decided to study law * Atticus invested his money in his brother john who studied law when it wasn’t worth growing cotton * Extremely hot weather is what the girl first remembers of the town * Lived on the main street in town Atticus, jem, the girl and the cook Calpurnia (coloured woman) * The girl’s mother died when she was 2 from a heart attack * They meet dill who was spending his summer with his aunt miss Rachael * Dill gained instant respect when he said he’d seen the movie Dracula * Dill wanted to see boo radley who lived in the radley place * Boo …show more content…
* Scout reveals she heard laughing when she rolled into the radley place but jem doesn’t know * They decide to slow down with the play
Chapter 5: * Jem and dill are spending more time together but without scout * Spent most of the summer with miss Maude Atkinson on her front porch * Miss Maude was old friends with scouts uncle jack finch * Miss Maude believes boo radley (now known as Arthur) is still alive and not dead * Find out Arthur is a foot washer ( a Baptist who takes the bible literally) * Miss Maudie said the stories told aren’t true and that she knew Arthur when she was a boy and that he was extremely kind to her * Dill and scout tell jem they’re going to give a letter to boo radley through his shutters telling him to come out to meet them * They were caught by Atticus who told them to stop their nonsense and leave the man alone. Also told them to stop the play which jem accidently revealed to Atticus.
Chapter 6: * Dills last day until he had to go back home * Dill and jem decided to go look through the radley house window to try and catch a glimpse of boo radley * Scout didn’t want them to but was pressured into it herself * When they went round to the back porch they saw a shadow and ran away. As they were running they heard a shotgun go

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