Mountain Pointe Persuasive Speech

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To Play or Not to Play Three seconds on the clock. This is the moment the team has been waiting for. Deep breathes, in and out. Desert Vista is up by two and this three point shot could win Mountain Pointe Pride baskeball team state championships! Suddenly, he gets a vision. All the hard time spent studying with his teachers, being benched failing. He is thankful for all the hard time his teachers and mentors have put in to help him succeed. He releases the ball just as the buzzer goes off. Silence. Fans gasp in awe. There is an uproar from the crazy, fanatic fan filled audience. He has won the 2013 Arizona State Championships! He sends up a silent thanks to his parents and coaches. Mountain Pointe students should be receive annual grade …show more content…

These teenagers learned that although sports are fun and exciting, it can be taken away very easily. Although that was a good lesson, there is another great point. Students need to understand that slacking and barely getting by is not acceptable in the real world. Colloges look gor outstanding, achieving students. These stdents need to maintain a 3.5 gpa to be considered to be accepted in to the school of their choice. They are not going to ear acceptance with below average grades. Another reason would be the work force. In order to get a great paying job, there must be college credentials. Without it they will be stuck at a low paying job without benefits. High school is the blue print for an affective and successful life. Growing up is inevitable, success is a choice. Although others may believe this strategy is to set them up for failure, it is not. That is entirely not the point. It is doing the opposite. This outstanding plan is setting students up for success. They may feel it is not fair. However the will be grateful their thought was incorrect when they see it worked in their favor. Mountain Pointe student shoukd recioever annual grade checks and maintain a 70% or above to learn a life lesson, get a reality check and to prepare them for life. Education is the key to success. Without passing grades students wll not be able to participate in school sports. There comes a time in a life where growing up is no onger an

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