Personal Narrative: Richland Elementary School

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“First in State and District, the Lone Star Academic Challenge Champion is….Richland Elementary School!” Cheers and claps erupt through the crowd and I feel my heart pound. A ringing resounds through my head as everything slows down. I feel my body being dragged up the stairs by my teacher. A gold medal is placed on my head and rests on my shoulder, my hands are shook and I read the words “Congratulations” on the announcer’s lips. Speed returns to normal and it dawns on me: we won. My team won first place. I let out my delayed reaction of jumping up and down, screaming in delight as a smile graces my face. I feel a tap on my shoulder and my head turns so fast, I think I got whiplash. A Texas-shaped trophy is handed to me and my smile grows bigger as I rip the trophy from the announcer’s hands and wave it around, yelling, “We won!” over and over again. Earlier that day, around 5 AM, I remember waking up to “Everybody” by SHINee blaring loudly through my alarm’s speakers. Groaning, I slam the “off” button on the alarm and roll out of bed, preparing for a long and possibly stressful day. I notice the white tint to my room, well the floor at least, and roll myself up to stare through my window, and there it was: the…show more content…
At the time, my family was all working, so I had no one run up to me to hug me, console me, ask me about myself‒ it wasn’t odd at all. I’m used to going to things and no one there to congratulate me or hug me. I was generally a lone wolf in these things. My friends would cast me pity glances and the counselor would pull me in her office occasionally to ask if I was faring well, but I always brushed her off. The sound of off-key singing rose to my ears, so I direct my attention behind me and see my teammates,our teachers and the parents singing a song I instantly recognized as “Deep in the Heart of Texas”. A lyric came up that I couldn’t help singing along to
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