To What Extent The American News Media Affected The Support And Result Of The Vietnam War

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The objective of the investigation is to determine to what extent the American news media affected the support and result of the Vietnam War. The Vietnam Conflict was officially recognized as a war beginning in 1955, but it was not until the 1960s that U.S. news outlets began coverage on the conflict in Vietnam. Before this era, the news was mainly concerned with reporting issues that had to do with communism and the cold war with Russia. It wasn 't until the North Vietnamese 's communist efforts were more widely known that the U.S. media started covering the issue. Therefore, the investigation will begin around this time period. It will cover how the media affected the Kennedy, Johnson, and Nixon administration. As well as how the public attitudes towards the war shifted from supporting the effort to wanting the troops back home. This investigation is not meant to dispute the conflicting ideologies of communism and democracy but to highlight the conflict between the American media and the American government and how these counterintuitive ideas lead to the downfall of public opinion and eventually the loss of the war. Section B: Summary of Evidence The Vietnam conflict was officially recognized as a war on November 6 1955 as a result of the formation of the Military Assistance Advisory Group in Vietnam, even though fighting between the Vietnamese people had begun years earlier. But since the media was only interested in politics when it related to the cold war and
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