Essay on To a Wise one Dying Old

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For a very long time the question has been apparent in humans minds. The question is whether to die young and remembered? Or to die old withering and slowly being forgotten. In our prime when were at our best in life there may have been records set by one single person or even as a team. As we age as all humans do those records are broken over and over again by those generations and generations below us. Slowly those who were once all stars and super stars are being forgotten by those who know them and the generations coming in who never knew them and never will. On the physical side we go from strong and sturdy to old and withering away as our bones deteriorate. Some will answer that they’d rather die young and not have to deal with being …show more content…

If someone were to die young they would lose chances of having children of their own to keep the family name or even to have grandchildren after a while. If life to this person were all about sports and being in their prime then they really lose sight of what should be important in life. Experiencing love from others and loving others should be a more important thing to have in life and shouldn’t be taken for granted. On page 1092 line 21 of A.E. Housman’s poem it says, “So set, before its echo fades.” Basically saying to die before your echo of glory fades and as long as a human has someone or several people who genuinely care about them around their echo will never fade. Finally, if a person dies at a young age they don’t get to experience as many things. With dying young there comes a loss of many experiences that life had in store. Life is full of experiences and when people die at a young age they sometimes don’t get to experience as many things. It’s quite an accomplishment to live for decades to watch the world change from how you knew it to how it is now. All the evolving the world does especially with technology and the job types and so on. In conclusion, dying at a young age would be a wasted life. As said before there’s loss of any type of experience including that of being close with those who you care for. There’s also more honors and more to life rather than just sports and being an amazing athlete. There

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