To what extent is there disagreement about how effectively the constitution protects freedom

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To what extent is there disagreement about how effectively the constitution protects freedom?
There is a small amount of disagreement over whether or not the US constitution protects freedom for the average American citizen – whilst many Americans feel that the constitution formally protects their liberties (for example: the first amendment guarantees the rights of Americans to their freedom of speech) others believe that the codified constitution is unnecessary and would point to nations like the United Kingdom (that do not have a codified constitution) that operate reasonably efficiently and have other methods of protecting the rights of the average person.
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However, simply because there has not been a successful amendment in recent years does not mean there has not been any disagreement over the ability of the constitution’s ability to defend the liberties of the American people. The fact is that in a developed, civilized, democratic nation like the United States there will always be debate over necessary reforms and so there is and always will be disagreement over how effectively the constitution protects freedom.
Furthermore, the majority of Americans feel the system laid out by the constitution does sufficiently protect their rights sufficiently. Although the constitution does have its flaws (for example it does not even explicitly mention the rights of the people to vote) it does perpetuate a system that protects the rights of the citizens based on prevailing public opinion – which is more democratic than an outlining of eternal liberties. The fact that the constitution outlines the separation of powers (to the executive, legislature and judiciary) ensures no one body can amass too much power and exploit the rights of the people. Dare I say it but even the Second Amendment – the Right to Bear Arms, allows the people to protect themselves from a tyrannical government and thus protect their rights from central government and other potential oppressors. The use of an impartial judiciary with

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