Tobacco Advertising Essay

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Tobacco Advertising Although the Tobacco Industry recently paid enormous fines to the US Government and Individual states, they continue to promote smoking and influence young human beings world wide to use their products through multi dimensional advertising. For decades Americans were not told the truth about the dangers of smoking. The media stayed silent because it did not want to lose the hundreds of millions of dollars it made from cigarette advertising. The hopeful result of the tobacco lawsuits would be that the advertising target market would not be the young. The fact that the Tobacco Companies lose three thousand to five thousand customers each day causes the industry to look for replacements…show more content…
A very popular technique used in propaganda is plain folk. This is a technique when advertising makes the average American citizen feel he can relate to the people in the advertisement. For instance, an advertisement in Men's Health depicted a family camping trip with a honorable father smoking while singing around a campfire to his kids. Also, an additional promotion that was found in this magazine was a healthy in shape man smoking. This is an unrealistic situation for healthy and well-respected fathers. Another way people are shielded from the negative reality of tobacco use is through celebrities. This is called testimonial techniques of propaganda. Testimonial technique is an extremely important and controversial method. This technique is when a celebrity or notorious person gimmicks people into the product by making it seem better because they use it or promote it. One example of this is Emmit Smith using chewing tobacco. His slogan, " Pinch between your cheek and gums", is catchy and appealing to football fans. This is a extremely unhealthy promotion for young athletes. The catch with a testimonial technique is it might appear as though the celebrity enjoys a product when in reality he/she has never touched it. The last technique of propaganda is Bandwagon. The bandwagon technique makes people feel like they should go along with the crowd. This technique usually succeeds because most people have a deep
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