Smoking Tobacco Is The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread !

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While today’s generation encourages smokers to kick the nasty addiction of cigarettes, commercials and ads from the early 1900’s promoted that smoking tobacco was the best thing since sliced bread! By using attractions of sex appeal, social acceptance and even as a tool to health, the tobacco company produced thousands of advertisements hoping to persuade their audiences to increase their profits. Everywhere you looked, there were ads for smoking! Even all the movies had actors with a cigarette on hand in every scene, tempting those watching that smoking tobacco was a lifestyle worth living. Though the companies made their advertisements persuading the customers that buying their product was in their favor, all they truly care about was the money in their pockets. Once I had gotten to the point of choosing which ad I would like to analyze, I knew that cigarettes had been a thing of popularity in the early 1900’s and wanted to check out exactly how they portrayed the image of smoking. Picking the December print of “flavor your fun with Winston”, I feel as if it could be used as a prime example of exactly how trendy tobacco was. Immediately as you lay eyes on the advertisement you see a golden yellow background with a large image of a smiling young couple smoking Winston cigarettes of course! Other images catch a small glimpse, as you notice along side of the couples’ faces there are racing vehicles and a time watch that is dark orange along with the happy couple having fun

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