Tobacco Issues in Public Education Essay

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Most teenagers have a better grasp of time then others; while the few can see past the present and see what the future can withhold. “In 2011, 19% of high school girls and 28% of high school boys used some form of tobacco at least one day in the month before the survey.” (Society) Most juveniles will not get the long term picture; of what the short term effects that transpires on their body. For the respiratory system the short term effects such as, coughing, irritation of the eyes, and throat. One cigarette usually will not kill an individual; but, side effects will occur by using it only once.
In reality, the upcoming generation strongly believes that they’re immortal. Growing up and believing nothing is harmful seems to be the static …show more content…

This means no fancy lettering that resembles graffiti or an artistic form of fonts. Then, the regulation should also have different health warnings on every box, everything from minor implications that can occur to more drastic possibilities like cancers and even death. Finally, to burn a fierce mental image there should be a picture of the warning next to the health warning text boxes. These solutions may not affect people whom have been consumed by these products but, will weave our future generation to have no interest in the product.
Most kids will experience a tobacco product before walking across the graduation stage from their local high school. With stricter regulations we can eradicate the false hope of fitting in with society through the commercials that project groups of friends whom consume the product and pretend their life is excelling due to the usage of a product. False advertisement should be against the law, so, our youth will not be subjected to distorted information. Our country shouldn’t allow corporations to exaggerate about their products behind the colorful tempting packages. If we were given the right information then, we would be compelled to develop a personal opinion based on the product. Finally, allowing us to process the information these corporations give us and letting

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