Today I Started Loving You Again Analysis

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The Sapphires is a real-life tale of a group of aboriginal sisters (and their cousin) who sang their way from a dusty outback to an entertainment tour of duty during the Vietnam War.

In opening scenes, the lively trio of Gail (Deborah Mailman), Diana (Jessica Mauboy) and Cynthia (Miranda Tapsell) sing a cover of Merle Haggard's 'Today I Started Loving You Again' and blows smashes the opposition out of the water in the quiet “talent” show. When the bias judges fix the prize against them, they storm out, along with boozy talent host Dave (Chris O'Dowd), who has an ear for raw talent. 

Directly outside the pub, ambitious Julie produces an ad calling for wartime entertainers and in a matter of minutes, she persuades Dave with the promise of money that secures the girls both an interstate …show more content…

Kay gets the shock of her life when her long-lost aboriginal cousins rock up in the middle of a white Tupperware party. However her family ties win out and she signs on to complete and make the grope just like how it was back in the day. In grooming the girls for stardom, Dave weans them off their beloved Country and switches them on to the train of Soul (with a very funny of fundamental difference between the genres). In very short order, they've gotten the nod for the big break tour of duty and have landed in the untrustworthy Saigon. Their wonderful cover of Lyndell's 'What A Man' gets a bar of combat men on their feet in their first gig in Saigon and the response to diva Diana's voice solidifies The Sapphires' place on the tour. From the bars of Saigon, their booker propel them on a tour through real combat zones, to escalating audience sizes and horrific degrees of risk. It's no spoiler to say that on the course of the trip, some of the Sapphires find love, and all of them find

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