Today in age almost everything we do involves math, including jobs, bills, school, etc. Mathematics

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Today in age almost everything we do involves math, including jobs, bills, school, etc. Mathematics is required in the field of nursing mainly because of calculating dosages. It is used every day by nurses who need to figure out the precise quantity of a medication for a patient. If a medication error occurs, it could mean life or death. (Sobek) For example it’s easy to figure out how to calculate the dose in your head if the patient calls for a pill in 25 milligrams, but the pill only comes in a 50 milligram size. You give half the tablet which requires division. However, if the medication to be given is based on the patient's weight in milligrams per kilogram, then you'd need to multiply in order to find out the correct dose. (Sobek)…show more content…
For example, a female who is 5 feet 7 inches should weigh 105 plus 35 additional pounds (7 inches multiplied by 5 pounds) for a total weight of 140 pounds.( Bryant)
It’s often unclear from your interactions with a doctor how much math she is using in order to treat you. While not all doctors have to use math as directly and frequently as engineers do, all of them must understand the complex mathematical equations that inform different medical treatments in order to administer treatments correctly.
When a doctor administers radiation therapy to a cancer patient, the radiation beams have to cross each other at specific angles, so that they harm the cancerous tumor without harming the surrounding healthy tissue. The precise numbers for these angles must be calculated mathematically.( Fletcher)
Cancer tends to respond to any drug by mutating so that its DNA is no longer affected by that drug. Oncologists and medical scientists have decided to target cancerous tumors with many different kinds of drugs at once so that the cancer is unable to respond adequately. They use complex mathematical models that plot the speed and timing of the cancer’s different mutations to figure out what combinations and dosages of different drugs should be used.( Fletcher)
Plastic surgeons are turning to mathematics to take the guesswork out of efforts to ensure that live tissue segments that are selected to restore damaged body parts will have enough blood
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