Today 's Society Has Changed Over The Past Decades

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Our culture has drastically changed over the past decades. Society has become more welcoming to different races, religion, sexualities, and many more over time. One social issue that our society has been improving on over time are the roles of different genders. From being able to vote to fair paying wages, women have fought for the same rights as men. In the past, men were known as being the “head of the household,” having a job and making money for the family. On the other hand, women were portrayed as to being a “stay-at-home mother,” which consisted her job as cleaning, cooking, taking care of the kids while the husband is away at work, and maintaining things throughout the house. Women wanted the same rights and …show more content…

From my survey results, some didn’t even care about the gender of the superhero, they just wanted to see a superhero movie, or that there should be more movies made with females as the lead superhero. More women believed that there should be more equality in the movie industry with females given more lead roles as superheroes. The problem with this data was that out of the thirty-four participants, there were twenty-eight women and only six men. There was an equal balance between the men whether they cared or not that there should be more women having lead roles.
While conducting my research, I wanted some kind of variety of answers. I used a Qualtrics survey to collect my data. I shared my survey with friends via text, to my “Facebook” friends, and my followers on “Twitter” and I had a total of thirty-six respondents, but some didn’t answer every question so my data was not as accurate as it could have been. Majority of the people that took my survey were females and followed under the ages between eighteen and twenty-four. From the thirty-six respondents, twenty-eight were female which gave a wider variety of answers for females. The remaining six were males and were the minority of the survey making it difficult to have a wider variety of answers.
I first asked the participants of the survey if

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