Tokugawa Period Essay

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The Tokugawa period also called the Edo Period is derived from the name of the ruling family in the period the Tokugawa family. Under this regime Japan saw a long period of peace and order that went on for almost two hundred and fifty years. This was a very incredible achievement taking into account this was an era that was full of upsetting ordeals. The Sengoku Jidai or what is known as the age of a nation at war was the Belligerent states era of Japan where there were many rival daimyos that had their armies who fought one another to enable them have a massive jurisdiction of control over the whole of Japan that was split into two hundred and sixty countries at the time. The Belligerent States Period was adopted including many other things from the Chinese. Even this word was …show more content…

During the tenure of Tokugawa leyasu, the government changed from a devolved feudal government to a military government that was in the form of bakufu. In this form of government there was the maintenance of a controlled environment among the daimyos since their rivalry was a major factor to the chaos that took place in the recently concluded Warring States Period. The main polices that were used in the Tokugawa system of governance were influencing the daimoyo, taking control over the imperial court, managing the foreign relationships, and sacralizing the legacy of Tokugawa. From the Tokugawa Japan, it stated that the social and economic Backgrounds of the current Japan, Tokugawa leyasu put more exertion so that he could control the daimyos and reduce them in their numbers. There was a law adapted by this regime called the buke sho-hatto that were laws concerning the military houses that regulated the daimyos immensely starting from how they gad to repair their castles and ranging to ensuring that their wives and children stay in

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