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In Depth: Comparing Feudalisms 1. Do you think the characteristics of feudalism help explain the later success of Western & Japanese societies? Yes, the militaristic characteristics of the Western and Japanese societies help explain how much land they conquered and how powerful they were. 2. Have the political accomplishments of both Japan & Western Europe matched their economic achievements? Both Japan and Western Europe practiced feudalism and they were both unusually successful in industrial development. They are both also proven adept at running capitalist economies, so the political accomplishments of both Japan and Western Europe have matched their economic achievements. 3. If so, in what ways? If not, why not? Yes, the …show more content…

Although the emperor and his court were retained, real power subsided in the bakufu and with the Minamoto and their allies. 3. What was the nature of Japanese society and economy during the period of the daimyos? Under the daimyos, warfare changed from heroic combat to a more modern conflict. The constant state of war damaged the Japanese economy and because of that, some peasants engaged in futile rebellions against

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