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Toni Morrison and bell hooks

Toni Morrison and bell hooks are both known to be critical theorists. They believe that the dominant views in society are not the only views to perceive. "The Nobel Lecture," a speech Toni Morrison given Stockholm, and "Sorrowful Black Death is Not a Hot Ticket," by bell hooks, are two different pieces by these powerful women, that have their own views about issues in the world. Toni Morrison tells a story about a wise, old, blind woman, that is teaching two young people a lesson in life how language effects the actions that others take. Some of the actions are violent and some are not. bell hooks reviews the movie "Crooklyn", relating it to racism. She also ties in racism that is shown in …show more content…

The bird is the freedom of language. If the children were holding the bird, they can choose to let it go or kill it. Children today can learn how to express themselves the right way, or they can use ignorant and violent language.

"There is a collective cultural agreement that black death is inevitable, meaningless, not worth much." (Hooks, 100) bell Hooks explains to her readers that the death of black people is not a big deal because of its portrayal in the movies. Death in movies is very accepted today. There are always action movies that have different people blown up and shot at. bell hooks points another good point, when an African American is brutally killed in the United States, it is not a huge issue because it is seen so much on television. In movies where a white person dies, it is advertised before audiences see the movie. They know the movie is going to have a sad ending. In movies where an innocent black character is shot, there is no emotion at all. bell hooks also reviewed the movie "Crooklyn". She explains to her readers the responses from the movie's audience. People got to look at the emotional view of a ten year old black girl when her mother dies of cancer. People are surprised the lack of emotion from the girl and how she continues with her life. There was nothing surprising or exciting about the mother's death. Viewers were very disappointed because they are

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