Toni Morrison 's Life And Accomplishments

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Toni Morrison was born “Chloe Ardelia Wofford” on February 18th, 1931 in Lorain, Ohio. Chloe earned her nickname “Toni” in college and took Morrison as her married name. She was born in an predominantly African American town, to a poor family, which was like most of Lorain’s residents. Her parents always emphasized the importance of education. “The world back then didn’t expect much from a little black girl, but my father and mother certainly did.” In 1949 she attended college at the Howard University in Washington, DC, which was an historically black college. In 1953 Toni graduated from Howard University with her bachelor’s degree in English. Continuing her education at Cornell University, she earned her master’s degree in 1955. Morrison is an Pulitzer Prize and Nobel Prize winning American novelist but among those awards she also received many more such as the American book award and the F. Kennedy book award. She also had publications of major works such as Song of Solomon, Beloved, and Paradise to name a few. The opening of the novel with an excerpt from an old-fashioned Dick and Jane reading primer helps to show the distinction between white and black family experiences that we will learn throughout the novel, even though the primer never tells us it is a white family we just assume because of the way the family is described. Dick and Jane books are used to help children learn to read but the use of no punctuation and then no spacing that is shown in this novel makes

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