Topic About The Canadian Magazine Dispute

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Topic about the Canadian magazine dispute
Canadian magazine dispute is one of a great example that shows how a globalization is a number one influenced in any local or domestic cultural diversity around the world. As we observed from the reality about Canadian magazine dispute, trade, and technology played an important role to completely give up your valuable cultures without reasonable doubt. the Global system should never separate cultural value from the trade system at all. to protect the value of one country is In critical under globalization or global development. addition, we have seen many from American values are consistently dominating all world and reflection of cultural imperialism.
1. To what extent do you think the U.S.Canadian magazine dispute was motivated by genuine desires to protect Canadian culture? I think the motivation of protecting any domestic cultural value of any country must be respected to protect their own personal rights. In addition, the values of cultural development without implications of any foreign country impose including Canadian cultural value. We have seen the conflicted between Canadian magazines against the foreign trades for many years that struggling to protect their own value because of dominant foreign development. This is one of our generational systemic cultural impacts that overtaking and dominate against other without considerations.
2. To what extent do you think the government of Canada was pressured

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