Topic: Should the Rights of the Accused Be Curtailed?

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Topic: Should the rights of the accused be curtailed? Can we as a nation, strike a balance between the liberty of the individual and the safety of citizens? And in order to strike that balance, should the bill of rights protect those accused of crimes? This contentious issue is one that causes us to truly think about our constitution’s purpose and how it is currently evolving within our country’s judicial system. On the one hand, many believe that because the nations’ crimes being committed are increasing in severity the rights of those accused of crimes should be curtailed. While on the other hand, many are not in favor of curtailing rights because they feel our legal system is designed to be just for all persons. The framers of our…show more content…
Those among the train were majority white males and black males with the exception of a few white women; while on the train, a group of white men started to antagonize the young black males on the train, starting a brawl amongst the two groups. The young black males fought back and ended up kicking the young white males off of the train. News of this brawl had gotten to the destination in route and resulted in a gang of white males to assemble at the next station stop. When the train reached the next stop, the gang of white men was already riled up and ready to take action. But as the young men were exiting the train, two white women that were on the train, told passengers and the mob of white men that the group of young black males had rapped them. This accusation would send the all nine of the young men to jail. This case would take place in a climate where racial tensions were definitely extremely high and had no respect for the law. The trails of Andy Wright, Willie Roberson, Charles Weems, Ozie Powell, Olen Montgomery, Eugene Williams, Clarence Norris, Roy Wright and Haywood Patterson began only twelve days after their arrest. The boys were offered an attorney who practiced not criminal law but real estate law, which deemed him unqualified right from the start. The defense attorney appointed not only deemed unqualified but he had not tried a case in decades#. The trails of the boys proved to be foul in numerous ways. First, the

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