Torrent Downloads is Piracy

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Torrent Downloads
Is copying a digital content and sharing it online count as a crime? Most people will answer ''No'' because people will think they are just copying the same file that they already bought the licenses for and sharing it to their friends, however, it is going against the copyright law if the company attached a legal document to inform the user they could not share it for each digital content. Torrent downloads or what is known on the web Pirate Downloads, works by having a user seeding a particular content to a website such as Pirate Bay, Torrentz, ExtraTorrent, and many more are available for the public to leech to their computers. Companies cannot force the law to be international because people do not agree to banned pirate downloads and it does not have dramatic effect on all international governments. Pirate download are becoming threat to media production companies, companies loss mass amount money, people are getting digital products for free, and in addition, companies will always be the first source to download the digital content.

When I speak about piracy, I mean the act of copying and sharing data online videos, software, music etc. Torrent downloads are becoming threat to media production companies because companies put a lot of time and effort to release a good song or a music video and for a website to buy one for few dollars and just sharing it for people across the world who did not pay for it makes the company lose few millions. On the

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