Torture And Dehumanization Of The Holocaust And Abu Ghraib

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Torture and Dehumanization in the Holocaust and Abu Ghraib Throughout time, torture has been used as a cruel war tactic to exploit human beings and dehumanize the characteristics that give people their identities outside of prison walls. In Rena 's Promise: A Story of Sisters in Auschwitz, Rena Kornreich tells her own accounts of the torture she experienced by both men and women during World War II. Similarly, Coco Fusco sheds light on the use of torture by women in the United States Abu Ghraib military scandal in A Field Guide for Female Interrogators. While in very different time frames, a female victim and a female liberator seamlessly tie together the antics that have been experienced and performed in war by thousands of men and…show more content…
Upon returning the cap, the SS woman orders her German Shepard to attack the frail girl. Rena glances at the sight, “Her bloodied arms flail the air. The dog reaches her throat. Cemented before my eyes, never to rest, is her spirit as it departs, separated from her body by a dog’s jaws on her neck.” (Macadam, 197). The dog is then praised as it returns to the Nazi woman and licks the innocent bloodshed from its paws. This killing displays the ruthlessness executed by Nazi women, as well as the pleasure they seemed to take from taking lives of the innocent. Not only did the soldier inflict physical torture, but psychological torture to those who had to witness and hear the death of their comrade. This directly affected Rena in that she was instructed to carry the girls’ body back to camp; “every step I take, her cries tear my soul.” (Macadam, 198). In comparison to Rena’s Promise, Coco Fusco delves into the use of female soldiers in the Iraqi Abu Ghraib prison scandal in the early 2000s. Female interrogators were “depicted in widely circulated photographs” “whose sexualized humiliation of prisoners has come to symbolize the utter breakdown of any pretense the US may have once had to being a guardian of democratic values” (Fusco, 19). Specifically, several photographs of female soldiers Lynndie England and Sabrina Harman surfaced showing them giving thumbs up and smiling over the battered

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