Totalitarian Government In Anthem By Ayn Rand

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The dystopic novel Anthem written by Ayn Rand, published in 1937 and later an American version was released in 1946, offers a perspective on a life that is completely controlled by the government. They offer the population of the area a “freedom”. That “freedom” is actually a false sense of happiness, purpose, and security. However, what if the totalitarianism like government in Anthem is a way to have a stable and effective government? In Anthem by Ayn Rand, the bureaucracy is portrayed as cowardly, controlling, and inefficient; however, the totalitarian government, as it stands in this novel, is actually quite stable, and effective.
The first thing shown about the government in Anthem is how the government assign jobs to the people. Instead of letting the citizens choose what they want to do for work, the ministry decides where they should be instead. This keeps all areas of business stocked with workers and gives every person a job to sustain them. “You shall do that which the Council of Vocations shall prescribe for you. For the Council of Vocations knows in its great wisdom where you are needed by your brother men.” (Rand 22) The government uses a totalitarian approach for the assigning of the jobs. This form of job assignment keeps everyone from exploiting a different line of work and becoming a threat to the people. “A distinctive feature of totalitarian governments is an “elaborate ideology, a set of ideas that gives meaning and direction to the whole society”".

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