Totalitarianism And The Tyranny Of Totalitarianism

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The motto “everything is possible” needs to account for “everything is permitted” and the tyranny of totalitarianism. Tyranny can is connected to “common-sense” and can be found in rational decision making of everyday life because it uses what is already there to then set out to get it (Arendt OT, p.440). Totalitarianism however differs from this as it goes one step further by creating objects that did not exist in the first place to then transforms what was thought as unchangeable. How is this possible? As discussed, the aim of totalitarianism is to gain “total domination”, tyranny however can never reach total domination because as it is unable and limited to reach as stage where human sphere itself is changed. Totalitarianism recognises that total domination cannot happen if the present individual is the final and last form, thus it must reconstruct the very core of the human nature. Destroy individuality (Arendt, OT, p458/591). Concentration camps are a sphere in which this total domination and total transformation can be tried on and forced upon individuals. It is an environment where there are no external laws to interfere so here, everything can be tested, “everything is possible”. Only here can complete totalitarianism act and be recognised. It is a trial to test the success and possible expansion of the movement, thus it is a place where both ideologies are born yet tested in practise. The goal lies not within the number of murders but the goal is to give rise and
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