Tough Guise 2 Essay

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Individual & Society – Film Assignment: “Tough Guise 2” No matter what, we are almost always talking about violence masculinity in America. Whether we are talking about the horrifying, high-profile mass shooting we have seen over recent decades, the far greater rates of murder and gun violence we see on a day – to – day basis that barely register in the national news, or the epidemic of sexual violence and domestic violence, the vast majority of this violence is committed by men, young men, and boys (Jackson Katz, 2013). Throughout this essay the topics covered will be how culture defines masculinity, according to the film, violent masculinity as a cultural norm, agents of socialization that teach boys how to be men, the cool …show more content…

In order to be a man, you have to be violent. Violence is something you are taught. You are taught from people who are showing you what it means to be a real man. You have to act all tough and “cool” and show no emotion, except anger. If by any chance you show any signs of emotion, you are embarrassed and called names such as “bitch”. Being embarrassed shows you to “man

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