`` Dude You 're A Fag : Masculinity And Sexuality

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C.J. Pascoe’s book, Dude You’re A Fag: Masculinity and Sexuality in High School, examines masculinity and its connection with sexuality through an eighteen-month study at River High School. The goal of Pascoe’s study is to explain how teenagers, teachers, and schooling construct adolescent masculinity through idioms of sexuality. In addition, the book investigates the relationships between gender and sexuality as it relates to a major social institution. Throughout the book she asks how heteronormitive and homophobic discourses, practices, and interactions produce masculine identities through focusing on gender and sexual practices of the students, teachers, and administrators.
Pascoe identifies high school as a crucial site where masculinity is continuously being defined, declared, and defended. Her exploration of day-to-day high school life shows that male students are constantly declaring their masculinity by attacking those who seem to lack masculinity, often identified as, “fags,” which illustrates that the concepts of masculinity are tied to heterosexuality. The book highlights how important masculinity is, not just to the students, but also to the definition of the institution, which continues to foster an environment that is tolerant and complacent of sexual harassment and homophobia. Pascoe also states that adolescent masculinity is seen as dominance that is presented through a sexualized discourse and not just through behaviors. Although the book…
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