Tough Guise In American Culture

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The "tough guise" refers to the many ways that America has created and enforced a certain set of values, behaviors, and traits as true masculinity or what makes someone "a real man". The title serves to refer to the American standard that guys should be tough as well as highlighting the depth of these standards in every level of our society, hence being a guise (aka a manner of presentation) that is strong and a challenge to break or change. This guise is created and maintained over the decades on a large scale by our culture. To begin to break down how our culture creates this guide it's easiest to view it from it's two most predominant sources, individuals and the various media that they produce. People in this country interact with one another and by doing so they influence each others thoughts and …show more content…

It is infuriating to hear ignorant individuals claim that these aren't issues when there is evidence screaming all around. Even with empirical data backing it up there are still so many who choose to ignore that men commit the bulk of assaults, rapes, murders, and mass shootings in this country. Instead they choose to blame it on women, feminists, lead paint, the weakening of our country, the weather, etc. (sadly that's only a slight exaggeration) As is typical with anyone experiencing severe denial, people in this country don't want to face the fact that this problem is bigger than paint or "feminazis". This problem is a societal one, and try as they might, all 300 million of the guns men own in this country can't kill this

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