Toyota X Makes The Best Product

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There are many ways to impose value onto an automaker, but what yields the most accurate appraisal? One could say automaker X makes the best product, because a professional critic deemed it so. However, another could assert; that while technically impressive; all that really matters are the sales. I.e. Audi leads the luxury automaker market from a critical perspective, but Lexus sells more of their products; who is superior? Exploring further, Lexus may have physically moved more automobiles off of their production lines; each Audi sold each for a higher margin. Is the argument now; the company that earns more is worth more (literally yes unless they are heavily leveraged and... (no further digression)). Digression aside; this would imply that company is only as good as their marketing department is effective. That does not seem right. That begets a bias in favor of established corporations, which comes as a detriment to both the consumer and to fresh competition, (which is double damage for prospective buyers). If marketing be the only factor, ingenuity will take the back seat to simply out spending your opposition. Unfortunately, this is how car shopping was handled until frequently. The biggest factor in which car one chose, was whether or not one was exposed to it. A person would buy a car because they saw an ad in whatever medium they prefered; be it a flyer in a newspaper or a television commercial. Then upon walking onto the showroom floor, their only education came

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