Trace Evidence Of Crime Scene

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YuvRaaj M Madra
Professor Martinez
November 2nd, 2014
Trace Evidence
Crime Scene/Scenario #1 – Sacramento, CA July 1986 - Allan Dakin, 50, is bicycling toward his favorite fishing spot. He stops at a flooded irrigation ditch and works his way down to check his crawdad traps when he spots a young blond female, floating in the water face down. He panics, heads home to notify authorities. Sheriff deputies and local fire department respond first to the scene at 8:45 am, and push the body using a long gaff to the opposite bank where the victim will not drift downstream.
A. Arrival
As the Homicide Detective, I must approach the scene cautiously, scan the entire area thoroughly using all senses, assess the scene and be aware of people and
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Now that I have recorded the scene as I found it, I am having have the fire department captain remove the victim from the water in a way that will not disturb any evidence left on the victims body, making certain they are careful to not damage the body, leave any evidence in the water, or further contaminate the body. They pull out a 5’8”, 150lb young female with short blond hair and brown eyes, I have recorded this information using the Crime Scene and Human Figure Templates (Swanson et al 54). I will now establish what happened here, determine the sequence of events; find out what the perpetrator did, and note inconsistencies. After organizing the crime scene I am interviewing Allan Dakin. I will ask what he was doing here, how he found the body, why was he here, and take down all his information for later interrogation. Once I have interviewed witnesses, I can properly document and recover physical evidence in the evidence recovery log, and photographs (Swanson et al 49). Anything can be physical evidence so it is crucial that nothing be touched or tampered with until assessed. I am looking for fingerprints, tire tracks, tools, weapons, damaged areas, palm prints and any body materials. I see that there are twigs stuck in the victim’s bra strap, and there is dirt on her back and shoulders. I collect those twigs and dirt samples as evidence so that the forensic team may later test them using genetic fingerprinting to see if
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