Trace the Development of the Anglo-American Conflict. Could the Relationship Have Been Saved?

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Trace the development of the Anglo-American conflict. Could the relationship have been saved? Although American colonists always tried to negotiate the contentious policies which contradicted their principles with the British Parliament, the crown did not leave much room for the discussion fueling the Anglo-American debate with a stubborn constitutional position; with a ridiculous notion as virtual representation; with a large British army that limited the economic development of the country; with the unjust acts that forced to shell out revenues from the colonies; One of the reasons that lead to the conflict was the lack of proper communication between England and America. Even though packet boats sailed regularly back and forth…show more content…
The Americans were not eager to preserve the supremacy of the Parliament for they barely understood the positions and the principles of the crown officials. The British considered the notion of separate legislatures within the same state completely illogical and unworthy of the Parliament's attention. The differences in political ideologies also kept the Anglo-American debate on the move. The British officials and the American Loyalists never quite understood why the colonial Americans valued the presence of a strong moral component in both public and private affairs. It is difficult to trace back the American outlook on a highly religious civil government. In 1764, the irritated Americans, who failed to persuade the British government to give their provincial assemblies the same intrinsic rights as the House of Commons in England, turned the tide of the debate on the meaning of representation. The Americans were angry at the British for taxing them without letting them have a representative of their own at the Parliament, who could stand for their political interests. Instead of seeking for a compromise, the British offered the Americans a ridiculing notion known as virtual representation in which the august body, that had no direct contact with the colonists, "virtually" represented its subjects' interests. At this critical point, Americans were not intending to step back. The bonds of the empire eroded even more when

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