Tracking and Positioning of Mobile Systems in Telecommunication Networks

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Mobile positioning technology has become an important area of research, for emergency as well as for commercial services. Mobile positioning in cellular networks will provide several services such as, locating stolen mobiles, emergency calls, different billing tariffs depending on where the call is originated, and methods to predict the user movement inside a region. The evolution to location-dependent services and applications in wireless systems continues to require the development of more accurate and reliable mobile positioning technologies. The major challenge to accurate location estimation is in creating techniques that yield acceptable performance when the direct path from the transmitter to the receiver is
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An example of geolocation system architecture [KOS00] is shown in Figure. As we said earlier, in order to fix a call the subscriber we are calling must be located accurately. A geolocation service provider provides location information and location aware services to subscribers. Upon a request from a subscriber for location information about an MS, the service provider will contact a location control center querying it for the coordinates of the MS. This subscriber could be a commercial subscriber desiring to track a mobile device or a PSAP trying to answer an E-911 call. The location control center will gather information required to compute the MS’s location. This information could be parameters such as received signal strength, BTS ID, TOA of signals, and so on that we discuss later. Depending on past information about the MS, a set of BS’s could be used to page the MS, and directly or indirectly obtain the location parameters. These are sometimes called Geolocation base stations (GBSs). Once this information is collected, the location control center can determine the location of the mobile with certain accuracy and convey this information to the service provider. The service provider will then use this information to visually display the MS’s location to the subscriber. Sometimes the subscriber could be the MS itself, in which case the messaging and
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