Cis 207 Mobile Systems Paper

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With so many web and mobile applications available today, it is difficult to find a particular one that impacts more individuals and businesses than others. Many applications perform one or two tasks well, but I believe Google Drive is one of those applications that anyone can find useful. Whether you’re a student or a business person, Google Drive can be of use in anyone’s life. Google Drive is unique because it has several different purposes and functions. The first function of Google Drive is its cloud storage. Google Drive itself gives its users 5GB of free space to upload documents, music, pictures, and videos to keep as a backup or to share with others. If needed, storage size can be expanded up to 16TB for a fee. Another feature…show more content…
This allows users more control on how they spend their time instead of being dependent on being in front of a computer. I know as a Google Drive user that it has helped me stay productive by storing all of my school work in their cloud storage. I can work from my phone or on any computer and it all works the same. I believe Google Drives consistency between operating systems and devices is what makes this application so nice. No matter what I am using Google Drive on I can feel comfortable using it. References (2012, April 27). Google Drive Review. Retrieved from (2012, April 24). Google Drive has arrived, clearly targets businesses. Retrieved from (2012, November 27). With Google Drive integration, Gmail now offers 10GB attachments. Retrieved from

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