Trade Barriers In International Trade

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With economic globalization, international trade is developing and growing at an unprecedented rate. After China joined the WTO, international trade tariffs reduced significantly;many non-tariff barriers were also reduced. However, some countries have adopted some new trade restrictions in order to protect their industries and markets. The ‘green barrier’ policy is a kind of trade protection means which has been frequently used by the developed countries since the 1990s, it has created unequal trade relations for a vast number of developing countries and caused huge economic losses to these developing countries. It has become the new obstacle for international trade. Briefly, the problems are: first, an increase in the cost of enterprises, affecting the international competitiveness of enterprises and second, the implementation of ‘green trade’ barriers hindering the development of the Chinese export trade. This essay will examine these problems in more detail and seek to offer possible solutions. One problem that trade barriers have caused is that they increase the cost of enterprises, affecting the international competitiveness of enterprises. For a long time, due to the low technological content of Chinese export products, mainly to win international markets at low prices, the developed countries have adopted some ways, such as the green subsidy system, the green packaging system, the green fortress and so on. By imposing import surcharges, increasing the cost of

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