Traditional Assumptions Of The Civil Justice History

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traditional assumptions.” American correction page 34. I must say, that period was the most important in the Criminal Justice history. Through that era, revolutions occurred in America as well as France, science made great advances and Industrial Revolution gained absolute power. This Age of Reason was like a stand against those with power. This reformation ended the reign of the Catholic Church and the writing of Martin Luther and John Calvin encourage new emphasis on the individual along with the government and the people. The success of William of the Orange in 1688 brought power to the Parliament; and strengthens the government representative of institutions. Also John Locke 's two treatises developed ideas of liberal society as did the French writers Montesquieu and Voltaire. This scientific revolution had and important impact in social and political thought. It forces people to think about to use the power to remake society, established institution and hope that it would bring a just community. Furthermore, people in America and Europe begin to rethink about a lot of things like: the nature of criminal behavior and the best way to correct offenders. Specially, they began to rethink how criminal law should be administered and redefine the goods and practices of corrections. "All these factors produced a major shift in penal thought and practice. Penal codes were rewritten to emphasize adaptation of punishment to the offender. Correctional practices moved
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