Traditional Chinese Medicine

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Looking back at the 1800’s, the life expectancy of the average adult has nearly doubled in the last two hundred years. At birth, the life expectancy in the 19th century was a meager forty years. Today, the average human is expected to live even to or beyond eighty years old. While factors such as sanitation, eating habits and general health knowledge have all drastically changed, our longer lives can usually be contributed to one thing: the development of medicine. From the breakthrough discovery of germs and viruses to the development to new antibiotics and vaccines, a once lethal disease such as measles has been reduced a 99% since 1963. However, in countries like China, traditional practices, otherwise known as Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), that are over two thousand years old are still widely used today. Herbal remedies known as zhong yao (中药) are made and sold around the southern Asian continent, and the practice of acupuncture is also done all over the world. Tai chi, a form of martial art developed both for self defense and the improvement of health is a popular recreational activity for many in all demographics. On the other hand, western medicine has made great improvements over its ancient methods. Surgical procedures such as amputation, anesthesia and transplantation have all branched off discoveries European scientists have strived to make during the Scientific Revolution and the Enlightenment. Deviating from natural ways of healing, the west is focused
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