Traditional Marriage Should Be Legal

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INTRODUCTION A traditional family is two or more people who are related by marriage, birth or adoption that live together (Eshleman 2010). However, this definition is the typical idea of what society thinks of when they hear the word “family.” Family can consist of any member one feels a close connection or bond with. One should not let society have control over who is and is not family. However, many times a family member is related by marriage. Marriage is another ever-changing factor in the United States. Today, a traditional marriage is considered to be a man and a woman with a public announcement of an engagement, a “performance” of marriage and a legally binding contract. The meaning of marriage has grown over time because men and …show more content…

A dysfunction is an observed outcome that lessens the adaptation of the system (Sorokin 1966). Society is made up of a whole unit, and to keep society functioning, every piece of the system must work together and do their part. The members of this society share a common set of values, beliefs and expectations. The shared beliefs play a major role in helping the society survive. For example, if something bad were to happen, all of the other parts of the systems would be affected and would no longer be able to function (Kendall 2015). The functionalist theory focuses on a specific piece of society, by examining its function and how that correlates with the larger picture (Henslin 2012). This theory is made up of two main types of functions, manifest and latent functions. A manifest function is an action done by a person in order to help society function as a social unit. For example, if women are having less children, government officials can offer a ‘bonus’ for every child they have to help build up the population. On the other hand, latent functions are functions that have unintended consequences or results of a situation. An example would be as birthrates rise, the prices of diapers, infant furniture, and other beneficial needs of an infant will increase. (Henslin 2012)
Conflict Theory Conflict theory focuses on how humans are oriented, how they pursue interests, and how they are organized in a system for

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