Traditions Transfigured : The Noh Masks Of Bidou Yamaguchi

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Traditions Transfigured: The Noh Masks of Bidou Yamaguchi

This presentation concentrates on late figures by Bidou Yamaguchi that apply the structures, systems, transformative soul, and secretive style of Noh covers to famous female pictures from the European workmanship recorded standard, and to Kabuki performing artist prints of Sharaku, Japan 's baffling 18th century picture expert. These works fundamentally develop Noh 's change of souls crosswise over time and space, anticipating them into new social and physical measurements. Customs Transfigured incorporates instructive and intelligent parts that demonstrate an arrangement of covers showing the cutting process, a feature clarifying veil making, and a …show more content…

Today, Noh continues to inspire a dynamic dialogue between artists from Asia and the west. Expanding on this rich vein, Traditions Transfigured selects contemporary works by Noh mask maker Bidou Yamaguchi.These masks apply the forms, techniques, transformative spirit, and mysterious elegance of Noh masks to iconic female portraits from the European art historical canon, and to Kabuki actor prints by Sharaku, Japan 's enigmatic 18th century portrait master.

The exhibition catalogue (distributed by University of Washington Press) analyzes how Bidou 's work radically extends Noh 's emphasis on the transformation of souls across time and space into new cultural and physical dimensions.By transfiguring both European and Japanese artistic traditions, Bidou 's work merges past and present. More importantly, it allows contemporary audiences to uncover deeper dimensions of their own humanity. By imagining ourselves wearing different faces, we can forge deeper connections with others.
The display is curated by Interim Director of Museum Studies, Dr. Kendall H. Cocoa, with B. Karenina Karyadi, Lauren Nochella, Kristy Odett, and Ariana Rizo, as a halfway prerequisite for the CSULB Graduate program in Museum and Curatorial Studies.
The show highlights sculptural works from expert Noh cover carver and contemporary craftsman
Yamaguchi. As a purveyor of covers for the Hōshō School of Noh, Yamaguchi 's astonishingly cut veils are utilized as a part

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