Tragic Flaws Of King Lear

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American journalist and historian Herbert Agar once said that “the truth that makes men free is for the most part the truth men prefer not to hear” this statement rings true in William Shakespeare’s tragic play king Lear. In King Lear there is an abundance of tragic flaws that characters face from a narcissistic King Lear who disowns his daughter. Gloucester, a disloyal father who makes fun of his illegitimate son for the bad choices he has made. Finally, Edmund, the illegitimate son who schemes to get more from life. The fatal flaws of the characters in king Lear make them unable to see the truth and result in their ultimate demise king Lear himself has many fatal flaws that, throughout the play, lead him to his death. Firstly, being a king, and living as one for quite a while, Lear has become accustomed to being given everything he wants. When Lear asks his daughters to tell him “Which of you shall we say doth love us most? That we our largest bounty may extend” (1.1.52-53). King Lear wants to know which of his daughters loves him most, so he can determine who to give the largest portion of his lands too. What he does not understand is that due to his own Narcissism Goneril and Regan know that to get the most of his land all they need to do is flatter Lear and tell him that they love him more than anything in the world. Lear’s narcissistic nature leads to his downfall because he does not care what they say as long as it inflates his own ego. This quote is proof of the
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