Trailer Video Analysis

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In my movie trailer video I used pictures from shutterstock and google images, the music I used is off on the wevideo site I used. I chose upbeat music at first to represent that in the book everything is normal and happy at first. Then I used more sad and suspenseful music, because in the book you don’t know what’s going to happen next. In my video I included a lot of pictures of Sam with her friends, because that’s is one of the main elements of her is that she is always surrounded by her friends. The mood conveyed in the trailer is suspenseful. I tried to make it suspenseful because in the book it is hard to tell what’s going to happen next so it is suspenseful. To make it suspenseful I changed the music to a sad and slower pace song. I also sped up some images and the ones I wanted the watcher to really think about I slowed down. That is how I tried to make the mood in my…show more content…
I showed these themes by showing a lot of pictures of Sam and her friends and then the event that something bad happened to them. Then for the next theme I explained it more in words about how Sam has to risk it all to save her life. The two symbols were the snow and friends. In the book the snow changed a lot of the outcomes with the accident. With Sam’s friends they changed a lot of the outcomes as well. This being said it is clear I chose symbols that changed the path that the story went in and those symbols were mainly the reason why. The main character is Sam Kingston, this is the only character named in my trailer. Throughout the story it is mostly just her making decisions on her own. For Sam this is hard and the end of the book relies on her. So in my trailer I made it seem the book was really just about her and her choices because it mostly is. Also this makes it seem more suspenseful and
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