Trait Oriented Personality And Personality Traits

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Trait-Oriented Personality Trait-oriented personality theorists suggest that personality is an internal trait is born and breed within the individual. Gordon Allport a psychologist categorized the excess of 40,000 words in the dictionary that describe personality traits in 1936. Allport separated these personality traits into cardinal traits, central traits and secondary traits. These traits each affect the individual in different ways throughout their life. Cardinal traits dominate throughout a lifetime such as an individual is boisterous. Central traits Allport theorizes these traits develop overtime as each individual develops their own moral compass, intelligent, honest and shy all would be considered central traits according to Allport’s theory. Allport’s final category is called secondary traits these traits pertain to limited situations and are predictable to similar situations however can be out of character for an individual’s day to day life, for instance, getting stuck in unpredicted traffic that causes one to be very late and take an unexplained amount of time to dissipate. This traffic situation may cause a usually calm individual to act irrational, this behavior is likely to occur in other unpredictable situation such as long lines and large crowds.
Sixteen Personality Factors Building upon or perhaps I should say paring down Allport’s theory Raymond Cattell reduced the more than four thousand personality traits identified by Allport.…
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