Traits Of Power, By Jay Leno

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Traits of Power
Power is greatly influenced by intelligence, and social status, but not solely dependent on these factors. Power is not the same in every situation, and not used in the same way by all that hold it. With power comes confidence and the ability to influence the opinions of others. Not all power is used for good, and not all is used for bad. A person who holds power is the person who chooses how and what the power shall be used.
Power can often be shown through intelligence. Intelligence is not being an expert in everything, an intelligent person is knowledgeable in many areas and eager to learn. Everyone holds intelligence in their being but some can harness intelligence and use it as power. Intelligence can be seen in extraordinary …show more content…

Influence is not control, influence is the ability to alter the way that others think or their opinion on that subject. An influential person has the ability to make their opinion on an event or subject effect the way that others think of that subject. In this photo jay leno is protesting with a group of feminists (The Hollywood Reporter). Jay Leno is an extraordinary example of influence because he has the ability to influence the way his fans think and the reasons they think that way. Influence can be witnessed in extraordinary ways, or simply the influence that a police officer holds against a person when they see one while speeding on the highway. The more powerful a person becomes the more influential they become to …show more content…

A courageous person gains the respect of others because people feel they can trust a person who is willing to risk their own lives for the sake of someone other than themselves. Extraordinary examples of courage can be the soldier who risked his own life to save the life of a fellow soldier, or it could be simply be a local cop that puts his life on the line just to give someone a speeding ticket. Like stated above, “courage is not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it” (Small Business Ideas and Resources for Entrepreneurs). Courage in not being fearless courage is being able to move past fears. Courageous people often find that power follows their courageous actions, whether they want it or to

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