Transactional Leadership Theory : President Nelson And His Leadership Style

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In evaluating Chief Nelson and his leadership style, it is difficult to place him under one theory or another as he exhibits traits of numerous leadership theories, both positive and negative. This would be true of most all people in leadership roles, formal and informal leaders alike. I settled on the transactional leadership theory as it most completely captures his most frequent behaviors. Transactional leadership theory focuses on ideal of obey or else, reward for following and doing as told and punishment for any sort of deviation.
As strengths go, this is a simplistic leadership style and thus should be easy to apply and be consistent with. This would also allow for much consistency and provide stability in the sense the subordinates should understand consciously or subconsciously. The reward aspect would also lend itself to be a positive in the form of verbal or tangible affirmation and positivity.
Conversely, being a reward based theory; failures both perceived and actual would have detracting qualities. Timid and weary workers, fearful of repercussions and ungrateful of a particular or any reward, the perception of unequal application, evaluation and reward that has little allowance for emotion and mental conditions of individuals along with that it simply is an demeaning form of leadership and an insult to human competences are some very real negative realities of this sort of theory based styled leadership. In an attempt to stabilize this leadership theory and

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