Transcendentalism In Dead Poets Society

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Nowadays, people are like robots living in a trapped world, where they follow others opinions rather than their own. However, the greatest decision in life is to trust in their own opinion. [hook should highlight why Transcendentalism is important] Transcendentalism, a theory by Emerson, shows the importance of individualism. Moreover, he believed that it is vital for a person to rely on themselves rather than society. In Dead Poet’s Society, the tenants that is present in the film, is self-reliance, where the characters rely on themselves, and self-confidence, which is not being afraid of sharing thoughts to others. [Briefly explain the tenets of Transcendentalism that appeared in the movie] In addition, each character demonstrated Transcendentalism through their actions, which was standing up for what they believe in. [what behaviors and actions] More specially, it had a positive impact towards Todd and Neil. This is because Todd showed self-confidence while Neil described self-reliance. Self-confidence had a positive effect on Todd because he became less fearful. Many people often feel like their opinion doesn't matter in society, however, Emerson believes that, “People seem not to see that their opinion of the world is also a confession of their character” (Emerson). In Dead Poet’s Society, Todd gained self-confidence when he decided not to write a poem. Instead of getting in trouble, Mr. Keating pulled Todd in front of the class, and told him to yell out a

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