Transformation Of Macbeth

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Scotland has been stained red. Every despicable deed, every evil by the tyrant Macbeth further drowns this once great country into a thick sea of blood. Macbeth, who once held the most honourable titles, Glamis, Cawdor, who prior to Duncan’s tragic demise held the trust and respect of all his countrymen – including myself, has now collapsed under the colossal weight of his own ambition. But I will feel neither sorrow nor sympathy for him, for no matter how far he has fallen, it was of his own accord. He willingly grasped the reins to hell’s carriage and thrashed down with all his might.
At what point did he turn to consort with the Devil? Was he capable of such treachery all along, hiding behind a mask of goodwill and kindness? How could he
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We were not close, but I knew of her kindness, and her strength. For her to now meet an end such as this, is certainly a tragedy. But, her compassion may too have been a farce, though I do not believe this to so. She wished to resemble a viper under the guise of an innocent flower, yet her venom was merely sap. To what lengths did she go to cover her husband’s crimes? Despicable Macbeth, to cause the end of his Queen… However, this is but one of his vicious crimes. Of all his villainy, it is hard to decide on the most detestable. Perhaps it is the murder of the Macduff homestead. I remember the twisted look of despair that plagued Macduff’s face when I told him of the news in England. How he wept over the loss of his wife and children, I hope to never experience such grief again. That damn Macbeth, to order this heinous crime reveals his malice to all that dare glimpse through closed hands. I can no longer stomach the sight of him, less it be his bloody corpse.
It is with a heavy heart that I have decided to abandon my country, but while I fight against her, I fight for her. I fight to free the once honourable Scotland from the tyranny that is black Macbeth. And in that respect, it is not treason, but the highest form of valour, loyalty, and bravery. For I am not alone in this endeavour, and the strength of those who surround me will further fortify my
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