Transformational Leadership And Transformational Leaders

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Transformational Leadership Style Tanya Schankel ORG300 – Applying Leadership Principles Colorado State University – Global Campus Dr. Anne O 'Bryan June 21, 2015 Transformational Leadership Style Are you ready for a change? Transformational leaders pave the way for implementing change. Transformational leaders are visionaries who do not look at today without envisioning a better tomorrow. Smith (2011), states that this leadership style focuses on not only the leader, but also the contribution of others. This shared involvement is considered an essential part of the vision strategy. According to Bass (2011), transformational leaders are charismatic and engaging. They can charismatically connect and communicate their vision in a way that motivates and excites others to want to embrace the vision of change and feel included in its successful implementation and outcome. Transformational leaders effectively implement change through communication, vision, team building, and inspiration. Applying Transformational Leadership Principles I am a transformational leader based on the results of the leadership assessment from University of Kent in the United Kingdom. While these results did not surprise me, I do wonder if the results might be based more on the restraints of my current position rather than my actual leadership style. I am part of an administrative assistant staff that works independently but who share information as a team. The executives see me as the leader of
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